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Welcome to Helga's Website!
A picture is worth a thousand words…

Helga Reiss originated from Newfoundland and has been passionate about photography since childhood, having been inspired by her late father who was an avid photographer. Since her move to Montreal nearly 25 years ago, she has spent many years travelling the corners of the world taking photos at every turn. She now makes her home in a very picturesque area of New Brunswick, Canada.

Spontaneous or posed photographs – it doesn’t matter, as long as the outcome is great! Capturing the personality of a subject is what makes or breaks a photograph, and Helga’s own personality with her subjects, her fine sense and excellent eye, always manages to deliver. Amazing and inspiring images surround us regularly, giving Helga infinite opportunities to capture them.

“There are so many images that inspire me when I work; the sparkle of the water as the sunlight strikes it, wildlife in it’s natural surroundings, a sunset on the horizon, the look of a mother with a new-born baby, or the way a bride looks into the eyes of her groom.,   It has to be said though, that the best images are created when the people I am photographing begin to relax in the surroundings. That’s when magic happens!”

To get a taste of Helga’s work, please have a look through the pages under the Photography Menu at the upper left of this website.

Promotional Graphic

The voice is a wonderful instrument!

If you want to hear a singer with a four and a half octave range singing everything from Classical to Pop, captivating Ballads, to the greatest Jazz numbers ever written, then you will just love to hear this lady sing!

Not only is she a talented singer and performer, Helga sings in several languages and styles. She has a stunning and powerful voice which you have the opportunity to get a small taste of here.

Browse around, take a look at her video and listen to the sound clips. Those of you who haven't heard Helga sing, you're in for a real treat!

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